Stage Gaining

Part 2

by Liam Cain, 7th August 2018 

Last week we looked at stage gaining with a tube screamer after an overdrive pedal for a mid-range boost. Now we will use a boost pedal before an overdrive pedal.
With the overdrive pedal, avoid having the gain set too high. We will push the overdrive a little harder with a boost pedal.I used to play in a rock covers band and used this set up every night.

The Fulltone fat boost pushed the Butah overdrive pedal into a saturation. It worked very well through humbucking pickups and created the classic rock sound. A Strat needs a little more help. I use the Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster. You can set it to make the pickups sound like vintage humbuckers so a fatter tone than a Strat.

Any boost pedal works and the Echoplex wa used by Jimmy Page, Eddie van Halen and Eric Johnson before their amplifiers.

Hopefully from these stage gaining articles you can experiment creating the combination of pedals that works for you.


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