Les Paul or Strat? 

by Liam Cain, 17th July 2018 


Guitar players frequently fall into two camps. Some, like Jimmy Page, favor the Les Paul. Others, like Rory Gallagher, prefer a Strat. Both great players, both great guitars. Other players, like Jeff Beck and Gary Moore, have a Les Paul and Strat periods during their careers. Here are five lighthearted reasons guitarists choose sides.

1) Hero Worship

If seeing Slash in full flow inspired you to pick up the guitar chances are a Les Paul 'Burst will be the only guitar you need. Similarly, if Stevie Ray Vaughan rocks your house, then a Strat it is.

2) How it Weighs

You posed around your bedroom pretending to be a rockstar. You save your pocket money and go to the music store to buy a Les Paul. You pick it up and realise its very heavy. Can you handle the weight of the 'Burst? 2-hour sets with the guitar of your dreams breaking your back. Yes, but think about the groupies.

3) How It Plays

The shorter scale length neck on the Les Paul makes string bending easy.
But you prefer to fight with the guitar. Heavy gauge strings on a Strat gives the big guitar tone you crave. Tendonitis is for wimps.

4) Colour

It's not just girls that like pink. How about the Salmon Pink Strat, sir? What about a Randy Rhoads White Les Paul? What is Fiesta Red? Even beat up and shoddy is a colour scheme - it feels cool.

5) Hand me down

Your older brother gave you his guitar to get you out of the way when his girlfriend came round. He bought the Les Paul Copy and never got round to playing it. Luckily, you didn't have a girlfriend for the next 5 years and were able to hone your guitar skills to ninja level.

Whatever our guitar of choice, we cherish them, lust after them and have years of endless fun with them. Enjoy the relationship.

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