Invest In Yourself

by Liam Cain, 24th July 2018 


The modern world is exciting, changes constantly and fast-paced. Everyone is competing for your time on multiple platforms on just about anything. It makes it even more important today, than perhaps ever before, to invest time into your guitar playing. Other than just having fun and because it' cool, here are four reasons why you should make time to play more guitar.

1) Well-being

People are generally living longer than before. Many of us will live past a hundred. The challenge to longevity will be keeping our minds sharp. When learning new scales, licks or songs, commit them to memory to remain mentally fit.

2) Social Benefits

We all need friends. Getting older reduces the opportunity to meet new people. Join group guitar lessons near your home. Attend a local jam night, start a band, join social networking groups, websites, and forums. I found like-minded people on Twitter and Instagram. I also teach group lessons.3) Headspace

3) Headspace

Although there are social opportunities for guitarists, practice time can provide a sanctuary away from work and family commitments. You can decompress from the day and lose yourself in the world of music. It will help you relax, and then you will be more present in relationships.

4) Clarity

Taking time to design what you want to achieve with your guitar playing, planning practice and accomplishing goals provide clarity. You are the CEO of your playing. Have a vision and pursue it like a champion. Think big, if you fall short you will still be great!

Playing the guitar is beneficial. It provides us with an identity, a tribe to follow and connect with others. Each new step of your guitar journey is challenging. Each success provides a sense of accomplishment. Invest in you, your playing and fun.


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