AM I Biased? 

by Liam Cain, 9th July 2018 

Starting my youtube channel, I discovered the hardest part of making videos is balancing the sound between the guitar and voice. To make the process easier, I was looking at Bias FX from Positive Grid to get the guitar sound. I downloaded the demo version. Here is what I discovered.

First impressions of Bias FX, like Line 6 modeling amps, where that the stock sounds where too over processed. Far too much delay and reverb in the mix making it hard to hear the guitar. The overdrive, which was for a mild blues crunch, was heavily saturated. To change the pedal settings was intuitive - just like using the real pedals.
I was still not convinced by the tone. However, rather than blame the tools, I looked to settings from other players. I found a youtube clip by Alberto Barrero from 2016. Looking through the comments, I noticed that two years later, Positive Grid had not put them on their website to download.

I have not been able to get anywhere near the tones that Alberto achieved using Bias FX. I will be sticking with the Blackstar amp on the clean channel and pedals. It still feels very natural to me and organic. The time it takes to set up the mic is less than changing the presets on the Bias FX software. Although I may be biased, the Positive Grid experience is not for me.

What has your experience been with modelling software? Have you tried a Kemper or Axe Effects?


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